When am I required to produce a Yellow Fever Certificate when travelling through South African ports of entry?

According to International Health Regulations, a valid Yellow Fever Certificate is required from all passengers over one year of age coming from an endemic area.

Can I travel through South African ports of entry with a firearm in my possession?

Section 73 of the South African Firearms Control Act , 2000 (Act No 60/2000) determine that no person may import into or take in-transit through South Africa any firearms or ammunition without a temporary import or in-transit permit issued in terms of the said Act.

Which period or time of the year is the busiest at the ports of entry?

Traditionally, South African ports of entry are busiest during the festive season, Easter Weekend and during Major International Events.

Where can I report suspiciously corrupt conduct experienced at the port of entry?

You can contact various departments as follows:
SARS: 0800 002 870
SAPS: 0800 010 111
DHA: 0800 601 190
Any other departments: 0800 701 701

Can I travel with commercial goods via any port of entry in South Africa?

No, non-commercial ports are only meant to process travellers carrying no commercial goods. Therefore, commercial goods in and out of the country can only be processed through commercial ports.

Can I renew my passport at the ports of entry?

No, passports can only be renewed at Home Affairs inland offices. Please visit the Home Affairs website www.home-affairs.gov.za for a list and location of their inland offices.